FMN Job 5859 - Music Needed Immediately For Comedy Webisodes

LA based high end boutique music library with established industry contacts is seeking new music to add to their library for placement in comedy webisodes aired on a major video network.

Seeking modern, indie-electronic hybrids with an unpolished, not fully produced/mastered sound. Music should sound “raw” and “edgy”. Think “indie-tronic” synths and guitars, styles that today’s 18-28 year olds enjoy.

Instrumental and vocal submissions will be considered.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Non-exclusive deal; 50/50 split on all royalties collected.

Deadline: May 5, 2017

Max number of music files allowed per submission: 10
FMN Member Price: $1.99 per music file submitted
FMN Non-Member Price: $5.99 per music file submitted

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